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Ava Led is among Europe's leading manufacturers of Led Screens,

known for its quality engineering and commitment to the highest Quality product manufacturing values.

Headquarters in the industrial heart of Europe

The headquarters of the company is in Saarbrücken, Germany, and all the design, assembly and quality control of Led Display production for many products is carried out locally in a 2,000 m2 facility. Due to its ease of manufacture, Ava Led currently employs around 10 skilled personnel worldwide.

Showroom & Production

Ava Led Saarbrücken has a 300m2 big showroom in Germany, as well as a 2.000m2 production and warehouse area, as well as a 300m2 Showroom and 500m2 technical service production in Antalya Turkey.



Events and clubs in professional areas in the Ava Led industry: Streets, roads, walls, Theatre, Television, Live, Discotheques Stores, Trade Shows, Theme Parks, Trade Centers, Car Conference Hall, Industrial Presentations, target areas on site and in.


Designed & Production EU

Ava Led's products are proudly and as required Plastic molding, metalwork, PCB, Cabinet and all other designs are made in Germany. It ensures that the designed products, if possible, are supplied from the European Union, Turkey and other countries, to the dealers without any problems after assembly is made in Germany, all tests and quality control are done.


Careful material selection, strict final quality control

Incoming materials are carefully monitored, selected and rejected if the strict specifications set by Ava Led are not met. Quality control over raw materials is often underestimated by other companies, but this is a real "added value" at Ava Led. All products for market are carefully inspected at Ava Led. These tests are essential to the standard of quality that Ava Led guarantees to its customers, as stringent testing on each product is the only way to prove that the final product works flawlessly.


Respect for the environment (being environmentally friendly)

It is Ava Led's policy to minimize energy consumption in Led Display products, to design and develop products that maximize light power.

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