TN-OF Series Outdoor 'Fix instalation' 
General Features

   TN-OF Series LED Signage that delivers truly captivating content in any OUTDOOR environment.

  • Advanced High Brightness Black technology,

  • Advanced High Refresh Rate,

  • Fast installation of panel to Light Frame,

  • Just Signal person to install/uninstall, savin labor cost

  • Die-Casting Aluminum-Magnesium frame design, fanless design.

  • Back Services

  • Light Weight

  • Magnesium Die-Casting

  • Faster Cooling

  • Advenced and safety Lock

  • Nova Star Controller

  • Black Shell

Mechanical / assembly features: 

  • No noise, lower power consumption, good heat dissipation.

  • 4 Pcs Fast Fan Cooling

  • Hot swapping of the back panel to replace PSU & electronics

  • Fly bar for both hanging and ground stacking

  • Fly bars are suitable for both hanging or ground stacking application

Components/Electronic features:

       Premium components​

  • Black mask for superior contrast and rentability

  • Standart - Pro 16 Bit / Plus 18 bit+ greyscale (4x high than market average)

  • Rotation function enabled

  • IP powerCon in/out

  • IP dataCon in/out

  • CE, EMC, LVD approved

Screenshot 2020-03-16 01.01.15.png
Elite Indoor Series
Hanging Systems
Hanging Systems
Fins Installation
Plus Series
Standart - Pro Series

+18 Bit - Grey Scale: 262144

+14 - +16 Bit - Grey Scale: 65536

Pro & Plus
Standart Series
Plus Series
Low Latency
Refresh Rate
Refresh Rate : 1920Hz
Refresh Rate : 3840Hz
Refresh Rate : 3840Hz
PWN on
PWM on

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